David W. Fuller, L.L.C.
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Need some help with your automation system?

  • Easily import & merge daily log files into your automation from any external scheduling system 
  • Process asplay or as-run data for reconciliation
  • Merge separate music & traffic logs into a single automation playlist
  • Export data to your website
  • Send formatted data & channel information to IDC's Program Manager
  • Forget about daily automation maintenace - Let me keep an eye on things!

Perhaps you've changed to a new music or traffic scheduling system and the new log files "don't quite fit" your automation.  The scheduling system vendor says "It can't be changed" and the automation vendor says "We need it to be this way in order to work".


The one person at your facility who knew your automation system inside and out is moving on to greener pastures?

Not to worry.  I can produce a custom utility that will ingest your music and/or traffic logs and output a perfect ready-to-air automation playlist. I can also be your "automation guy", taking care of any routine daily chores, file maintenance,  or problem solving, etc.

I have 40 years experience in broadcast radio! 13 of those years were served in various positions with a major radio automation manufacturer. Check out the rest of the site and by all means, feel free to contact me if I can help with your current project or needs.  

DISCLAIMER: David W. Fuller is a former employee of ENCO Systems, Inc., and is not currently affiliated with that company in any way. The name "DAD" is a registered trademark of ENCO Systems, Inc.  Any use of the word "DAD" in conjunction with products or services on this website is solely for descriptive purposes to identify the specific broadcast automation software with which they are compatible.